Mission Statement

Creating Healthy Smiles Since 1910

Since 1910, the mission of the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio has been to provide primary oral health services for underserved children and adults in Northwest Ohio, to promote the value of good oral health through education and to serve as an advocate for those with limited access to dental care.


In 1908, Dr. Ebersole spoke before members of the Toledo Dental Society on the importance of charitable work. Around the same time, Dr. L. I. Zarbaugh pushed for the formation of a society or clinic to be founded and serve the dental needs of those in poverty in the Toledo-Area. In 1910, the Toledo Free Dental Clinic was founded and function solely on volunteer services. The organization saw a number of changes in 1912, when the Board of Education took over the education of children, the clinic was moved to Jefferson School, and the work was carried out by dentists who were paid by the board. The final major change came in 1920, when adults were first permitted to receive dental care.


The Dental Center recognizes its staff is the key to providing friendly, professional oral healthcare. The Dental Center respects its patients and understands their needs, striving to provide oral healthcare in an effective, efficient manner to maximize the care it provides within its available resources.

Quick Facts

- A 501C3 nonprofit agency with a volunteer Board of Directors

- Established in 1910 by volunteers from the Toledo Dental Society

- Provides routine dental services for children and adults at or below 400% of the Federal poverty level

- Accepts Ohio Medicaid & Ohio Medicaid Managed Care Plans

- Emphasizes prevention of dental disease through education and outreach

- Offers uninsured patients reduced treatment fees

- Serves residents of 18 counties in Northwest Ohio

- Employs a qualified, dedicated clinical and support staff

- Provides dental care to over 25,000 individuals per year