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COVID-19 Protocol and Consideration

As a healthcare facility, the Dental Center requires a mask be worn by all individuals entering their offices or facilities. Our facilities are continuing to utilize infection control and sanitizing protocol, wiping down surfaces, changing surface coverings, and employing fogging equipment to remove aerosol. All staff are subject to temperature recording daily. All patients are

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New Home for Dental Center of Northwest Ohio

Since our founding in 1910, we’ve been renters, but the time has come for the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio to establish a permanent home where we can grow our oral healthcare, education and advocacy programs to serve more people in Northwest Ohio. Like Goldilocks, we had to try out several options before we found

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Need for Affordable Dental Care

In 2015, the Ohio Department of Health conducted an oral health survey that focused on the oral health of third graders in Ohio. What the survey found was a direct correlation between income, oral health and how many students had been to the dentist in the past year. Overall, the survey found that 20% of

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